Tapio Wirkkala, Jacksons Design, Berlin 2016

Introduktion till den finske formgivaren Tapio Wirkkala genom utställning på Jacksons Design i Berlin 2016.

Swedish Grace, Jacksons Design, Berlin 2014

Introduktion till epoken Swedish Grace genom utställningen med samma namn på Jacksons Design i Berlin 2014.

Poul Kjærholm, Jacksons Design, Berlin 2016

Introduktion till den danske formgivaren Poul Kjærholm genom utställning på Jacksons Design i Berlin 2016.

Nordisk Modernism, Jacksons Design, Berlin 2015

Introduktion till Nordisk Modernism genom utställning på Jacksons Design i Berlin 2015.

Welcome to the Swedish Art and Antique Dealers Associaton

The Swedish Art and Antique Dealers Association (SKAF) was founded at the Mornington Hotel, Stockholm, in 1963, on the initiative of Gregor Aronowitsch, who laid the foundations of our Statutes and became our first Chairman. The Association’s declared purpose, apart from promoting the interests of art and antique dealers, was to encourage good co-operation and to safeguard quality and our cultural heritage.

The Association has 52 members, located in Sweden and Finland. SKAF’s members cover between them a wide range of specialities, such as antique furniture, art, photography, silver, glass, jewellery, carpets, design, books, traditional arts and crafts and African art. SKAF’s members rank among Sweden’s foremost experts in their respective fields. They are united by their profound knowledge, their emphasis on quality objects, good service and reliability.

SKAF expects a great deal of its members and guarantees that customers can purchase with confidence. To qualify for membership of SKAF, the applicant must comply with the Association’s ethical rules of conduct, have a thorough knowledge of the artefacts concerned and maintain a high standard of both merchandise and service.

At international level, SKAF is affiliated to CINOA, Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Œuvres d’Art, founded in 1935. Through affiliation to CINOA, which stands for high quality on the international scene, SKAF’s members gain access to the world market in art, antiques and design, with no geographic constraints.

SKAF arranges the antiques fair “Grand Antiques” and also helps to arrange the annual Stockholm International Antiques Fair in Älvsjö and Helsingborg Arts & Antiques Fair.


Charlotte Strömstedt, President
Niklas Helms
Theo Lundgren
Fredrik Knutsson
Johan Sjöström
Pontus Silfverstolpe
Johan W. Hauffman
Victoria Astudillo

Sofia Silfverstolpe, Secretary General